Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hey all! and Thank you!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to stop and in and drop a message to let you know that I am still alive. I fear I neglected in the craziness to post on this actual page that this show is currently on hold. You see, I got accepted to law school about two months ago and have been swamped because of that. That means I had to put this show on hold, probably until the summer when I will have more time to devote to it again.

I want to thank you for all of your continued readership and support! The only show/blog I have time for is The Worgen's Howl each week. I will let you know here and on twitter once we are up and running again though.

Again, thank you!


Monday, July 14, 2014

Episode # 20: We're insane now! Part 4, you are now insane!


Well, we have come a very long way, but we aren't done just yet. We have one final faction to work through and this one is the make or break one that will take you a while to become exalted with. Yes, we finish out becoming insane with the Darkmoon Faire.

Riding in style to the Faire

Getting Started

This is where it gets a little tough, since you have to wait for the Darkmoon Faire to be active. Check your game calendar and look for the Darkmoon Faire to be coming up, and when its time hit it hard. To maximize your reputation gain be sure to plan to spend time each day you can go to the faire because when its gone, you will have to wait for it to come back.

The Faire

The simplest explanation is, go have fun! The way to gain reputation is to go do the quests, and enjoy the activities the faire has to offer. It will take a lot of time and visits to the faire, but stick with it and eventually you will be able to get it done.

What am I working towards?

 First off, I have to say that his faction actually has some pretty neat mounts and pets that you can purchase with all of your tickets. Now, of course, the real reason we are here is to become exalted so that you can become completely insane, and get the great and amazing achievement [Insane in the Membrane] and the title of "The Insane"


How does it feel? You have almost made it! Go out there and wrap up one of the greatest achievements in the game by finishing this faction. We have had a long tough journey, but it will all be worth it when that achievement pops up and you can place that title above your head. Now go out there and get it!

You did it!

We will be back next week with another tip, and as always, if you have another faction you would like us to spotlight, please let us know! Thanks for all the support, have a fantastic time in game, and may the light be with you!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Episode # 19: We're insane now! Part 3


Here we are back again for another installment of our "Insane" mini-series. Part three will be a combination of the various factions that make up the group known as The Steamwheedle Cartel. That means this week we will be looking at a combination of Booty Bay, Everlook, Gadgetzan, and Ratchet. You will need to raise all of these to exalted before you can claim the achievement so lets look at how that is done!

The Steamwheedle Faction Group
Getting Started

To get started you need to know, as is with most of these factions, that it pretty much revolves around just killing and not much more. There are a couple quests, but in the long term you are really better off just killing. These factions are all grouped together, and this helps because you will gain some shared experience so as you work on one it will help others.

Pirates, ready for the killing

The other way they are linked is that these all share a love of you killing Southsea pirates for them. So get ready to kill somewhere around 26,000 of them. It is best to take a friend, or a few and just have fun killing pirates and hanging out in game. In places like Tanaris there are loads of Southsea pirates, making it a great place to farm them. Some people also recommend killing Venture Company enemies in Stranglethorn or Grizzly Hills.

What am I working towards?

Well, other than maybe some protection by the local guards and the discounts on buying items you are not looking at much in the way of rewards except that this, combined with the previous two factions, will leave you within one faction of being certified as insane.

You might be tired, but you are so close!

Again, not a lot of rewards, and mostly killing, but after this you have only one faction remaining before you can claim the title of "The Insane" Yes, you are so close! Keep pushing to the end! Thank you for reading, and hope this guide is helping you get closer to this awesome goal! We will be back next week to finish off the mini-series by becoming fully insane as we reach exalted with the Darkmoon Faire! Until then, take care and may the light be with you!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Episode # 18: We're insane now! Part 2


I just returned from my vacation to Irvine, and ready to start our second part of this "Insane" mini-series. This week we will be looking at the faction, The Bloodsail Buccaneers. Again, we are talking about an older faction with a simple way to raise your status, and you guessed it, it involves a lot of killing.

Booty Bay
Getting Started

Quite simply, the easiest way to do this is to head down to Booty Bay, and level the inhabitants and guards of the city until they return, and do it again, and again. Yep you got it, just kill. The great part is that for this faction you only actually need to become honored for the achievement. (Light be praised!) Booty Bay NPCs, Bruisers, and Admiral Jorrik all offer reputation. Overall, you are looking at something in the range of about 2,500 kills before accounting for reputation boosts you may have.

Yep, killing, killing, and more killing.
What am I working towards?

Well, this is another segment getting you closer to being labeled, "The Insane". This reputation grind also will give you the chance to do the quest, "Avast Ye, Admiral" The reward is the [Bloodsail Admiral's Hat] which is not only a cool hat, but also summons you a parrot. Pretty awesome, huh?

Having a breakdown yet?

Another faction down, just a few more to go! We will be back next week with another faction on our way to becoming fully insane. Thanks for listening/reading! Take care, and may the light be with you!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Episode # 17: We're insane now! Part 1


Ravenholdt Manor

Yes, we have really lost it this time! This week kicks off our series of reputation tips to help you with gaining the achievement Insane in the Membrane. Well, you will either get the achievement, or go insane trying. To reach the peak of this mountain and receive the coveted title of "The Insane" You will need to reach exalted status with Everlook, Ratchet, Ravenholdt, Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, and Darkmoon Faire, as well as gaining Honored Reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. You might just think these are just simple old vanilla factions, well, you're right, they are simple. The problem is that they are simple, or in other words, they don't have a lot of ways to reach high reputation easily, or quickly for that matter.

You will likely end up spending lots of time here.

Our first faction in this series will be Ravenholdt, and with this faction you will see just how maddening a "simple" faction can be. This faction makes its home in the Alterac Mountains in Ravenholdt Manor. You will benefit if you play a rogue, or know one who is willing to help you, because without one you will have a very, very hard time.

Getting Started

Ok, no matter who you are you will start at 0 Neutral. Start off by heading to Arathi Highlands because you are about to kill syndicate members, a lot of them. The easiest place to find a bunch to kill is in Stromgarde Keep. You mission is to kill, and kill and kill. Rogues can pickpocket [Syndicate Emblems] to speed up their reputation gain. This will give you reputation until you get to 11999/12000 Honored, and then comes the hard part.

Yeah, this is just the start of the madness.

This is where being or having a rogue friend will help, A LOT! Because you need to start picking up [Heavy Junkbox] via pickpocketing. Yep, that is. You will turn these in to complete the quest "Junkboxes Needed" which will mean you need to get about, oh, somewhere around 1300 boxes. Most people recommend heading to Blackrock Spire to get these. Just get the boxes, turn in and that's it. Simple, right? Yep, but tedious.

What am I working towards?

Well, with this faction you are not working towards much, because they, well, don't offer anything. Though it is one step closer to being dubbed "The Insane" which is its own reward, even if you end up in a padded room.


Here we go on this crazy journey of reputations. Hope you enjoy this mini-series and if you haven't already obtained the achievement, that this will help you on your way. Work and my health took a downward turn the last few weeks as work became very busy and I was away on training, then got sick, so I am sorry for the break in the action.

We will be back next week with the next tip! Have a great week, and may the light be with you!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Episode # 16 : Wartime!


In the Krasarang Wilds of Pandaria the battle between the Horde and Alliance rages on. This week we take a look at the dueling factions of Operation: Shieldwall and Dominance Offensive. These two groups are at the heart of the war between the two factions. The Alliance has taken up fort in Lion's Landing and the Horde are located at Domination Point. No matter which faction you are aligned with, you will engage in a reputation grind for some great rewards!

Beachfront property
Getting Started

Each faction starts their introduction with a quest called "Meet the Scout" which then has you complete either "A King Among Men" (Alliance) or "The Might of the Warchief" (Horde) After you complete that you will have a few more quests then you will be on your way.

Two main ways of gaining reputation are the handful of quests you get at various reputation levels, as well as the daily quests you will have available. At various times during your reputation gain you will be given a few quests at a time to further the story in the zone.

The octagon.. err,  Beast Battle Arena

As for daily quests, each day you will get a quest at each of four quest hubs throughout the area. You will also be able to complete the daily beastmaster group quest. Just keep plugging away at it and enjoy the story as it comes to you and you will be exalted before you know it.

What am I working towards?

There are some fantastic awards for reputation gain with either faction here. First of all, there is a plethora of justice point gear available from these factions in case you are in need of some. Most importantly there are the updated faction mounts. The [Grand Gryphon] and [Grand Armored Gryphon] for the alliance, and the [Grand Wyvern] and [Grand Armored Wyvern] for the horde.

The Alliance Fleet

Along with those rewards you will earn an achievement for becoming exalted as well as one for completing the story line quests (if you finish them all).


These factions provide you with a great story as you explore the Pandaria war as well as come super cool mounts! If you are looking for a faction to work on, I would highly suggest one of these! We will be back next week with another tip, and remember if you would like us to highlight a specific faction, let us know. Until next time, may the light be with you!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Episode # 15 : Monkey Business!


Enemies of the Pearlfin, this group of hozen has united with the horde. You will soon find that they love you for your fishing skills. You will also have to beat your fear of bugs to help them and their members, and you will also learn of their love for explosives as you aid them in various quests.

The throne

Getting Started

Just like the Pearlfin for the Alliance players, you will be naturally led to this faction by following the early quest lines in the Jade Forest. These two factions mirror each other in the amount of effort it takes to reach exalted with them. After just a few quests you will be finished and will have beaten back the Pearlfin forces. You will be able to complete the reputation gain in just a matter of minutes, and will be on your way to even more!

Just hangin' out

What am I working towards?

Again, there is nothing glorious to be had, but for pet collectors, you are able to get [Fishy] the fish in a bubble to go with you on your journey. This is also one place to stop and gear up your character if you need some new gear to boost your current gear.

"I wanna watch the scary monkey show"


This is the end of the second half of this pair of reputations we will be looking at. We will be back next week with an even more enticing faction so be sure to stay tuned. Sorry I have been a little slow the last couple weeks and done a couple simple factions, I have been having a lot of dental work done and that got in the way.

See you back here next week! May the light be with you!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Episode # 14 : This seem's a little fishy!


Their command center

Finding themselves in a new and unfamiliar land the alliance was able to gain the trust of a group of jinyu called the Pearlfin. They are bitter enemies of the Forest Hozen who aligned themselves with the horde. This is a simple reputation gain completed in a matter of a very short time as you complete quests in the Jade Forest.

Getting Started

The natural progression of quests in the Jade Forest will take you into Pearlfin Village and from there you will begin to complete tasks for this faction that will help gain their trust as well as help you complete your mission with the alliance.

Pearlfin Village

There is about 11 quests which by the time you complete them will leave you exalted with the Pearlfin. These are basic quests, no killing elites or running instances so even as you complete these quests in the normal progression of leveling you will be exalted extremely fast.

What am I working towards?

There are no notable faction rewards, though your final quest, "Let them Burn" will reward you with a blue item as well as [Fishy] the companion pet which is a neat little fish in a floating bubble.

Fish wranglin'


Super fast and easy reputation gain at the content's level or above makes this super easy to do. There is no reason to not grab this faction and add it to your list of completed reputation list.

We'll be back next week with another tip for you horde players featuring the Forest Hozen. If you have a faction you would like us to highlight, please let us know. Until then, may the light be with you!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Episode #13 : Gotta get that crane!


This week we head back to Pandaria and try to earn some of the great rewards there. We will be looking at the Golden Lotus this week. They are the guardians of the vale and even though a lot has changed there it is still a great faction to pursue!

The Vale

Getting Started

You have a few things to do to begin to work towards exalted with this faction. First is to complete the quest "Temple of the White Tiger" then "A Celestial Experience" where you till be tasked with trials to prove yourself. Next you will receive the quest "A Witness to History" where you actually get to see the gates of the vale opened.

Other than these quests the next work to do is begin to work on the various daily quests that are handed out at the Setting Sun Garrison. There are a handful quest givers there that will help you out every day.

Be sure that you have elected to champion for the Golden Lotus as well so that so that doing random scenarios and dungeons will reward bonus experience for you as well.

Golden Lotus Reps in the Alliance City

Inside the vale various enemies in the zone will reward differing amounts of experience depending on how powerful they are. In theory you could just kill your way to exalted if you wanted to.

What am I working towards

There are great rewards and achievements that come with exalted status, but many are offered to those with neutral standing now. This means that one of the only reasons left to work all the way to exalted is to get the [Reins of the Azure Riding Crane] , [Reins of the Golden Riding Crane] , or [Reins of the Regal Riding Crane] . You will also be able to purchase the [Golden Lotus Tabard] . You also gain the achievement [The Golden Lotus] for reaching exalted.

Quartermaster View


While there are not that many things to work for at this time, the riding cranes are beautiful mounts worth the effort in my opinion. We will be back next week, and remember if you would like us to highlight a specific faction let us know! Have a great week and may the light be with you!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Slight Delay...

Trolls got into some of our systems, but the newest episode will be posted asap. Sorry for the delay.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Episode #12 Into the mountains!

Time for some mini-games! 


This week we return to Outland to finish up a reputation there high in Blade's Edge Mountains. We are about to hang out with a lot of ogres for a while but in the end we will be able to learn more about them and help them out. The week we take a look at the faction of Ogri'la.

Base Camp

Getting Started

Starting in Shattrath City you can begin the intro quest chains by getting the quest "Speak with the ogre" from V'eru. This will get you started on your way to the quests in Ogri'la. Once you are in the area you will be able to complete the rest of the quest chains and you will begin to gather [Apexis Shard] as well. These will be important if you will be looking to buy any of the faction rewards.

Local Fel Cannons

Once the normal quest chains are completed, the ogres have four daily quests that will be available. This is where you get to have the fun of bombing runs, catching nether rays, playing a Simon  type mini game, and more!

Powering up the crystal

Getting to exalted will take a little time just because of the lack of other ways to gain reputation. The good thing is that you can do these quests alongside the Skyguard reputation from our earlier episode and the quests are easy to do at high level. Not to mention the quest, "The Relic's Emanation" is a pretty fun minigame.

What am I working towards?

The [Apexis Shard] you get will allow you to purchase various items from the quartermaster. The most compelling items for a high level player are the tabard and maybe one of the weapons if you are looking for something to transmog to a specific look. You will also gain the achievement [A quest a day keeps the ogres at bay] for reaching exalted.



If you are looking for more achievements and another faction that is easy to do in your spare time Ogri'la is a good one. Working on this one at the same time as the Skyguard is even more beneficial.

Now that we have this area all wrapped up, next week I promise a very exciting faction so be sure to tune in next week for that one! Until then, may the light be with you!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Episode #11 Coming full circle.

Can you make it through the tunnel? 


Nestled deep within the hills the furblog faction known as Timbermaw Hold controls the tunnels that connect Felwood, Winterspring, and Moonglade. This week we take a look at this faction to help all of you out there who are following our series to be able to gain the achievement [The Diplomat] and some of the neat rewards you can get by reaching exalted with this faction.

Inside the Hold

Getting Started

In all honesty this faction is one of the easiest and quickest to go through from start to finish. I suppose furblogs are just easily impressed. If you have been reading previous episodes you will have seen some factions that had super easy and quick reputation grinds, but when working on this one you can reach exalted in under an hour if you are a higher lever character. That means warm up a snack and grab a drink and you will be exalted before dessert.

Winterspring Side

To get started most people say to start on the Winterspring side by speaking to the furblog known as Salfa. Down the road there is another NPC names Donova Snowden who will give you a bunch of quests as well. Be sure to pick up the quest from Salfa called "Delivery for Donova" Don't get sidetracked at this point with just killing mobs or repeatable quests. Keep doing all the quests you can until you have exhausted all of them in the zone. Once you have, head to the Felwood side and begin those quest lines until you have finished all of those as well. By this time you should have a massive amount of reputation built up.

Outside the Felwood Entrance

If you are not already exalted begin to do the repeatable quest to gather the [Deadwood Headdress Feathers] until you reach exalted. You should be exalted in no time flat!  The quests give so much reputation that within that short amount of time you will cruise through to exalted.

What am I working towards?

First of all, if you have been following along and working on reputations from prior episodes (Kurenai/Mag'har and Sporeggar) you will receive the achievement [The Diplomat] along the title. You will also receive the achievement [They Love Me In That Tunnel].

How do I look?

Gorn One Eye will give you a quest which if you complete will give you the trinket [Defender of the Timbermaw] which calls a furblog to fight alongside you. You can also get yourself the [Stave of Fur and Claw] which allows you to turn into a furblog for 3 minutes.


Overall a super easy reputation to go out and get, and it comes with some really neat rewards and achievement progress as well. So go out there and get this one! Thanks again for all the support! We will be back next week with another tip, and remember, may the light be with you!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Episode #10 Finally warming up, but how did we get here?

Don't breathe in the spores!


Located in Zangarmarsh there are a small group of humanoids called sporelings who make their home in a place called Sporeggar. These little guys are in trouble, and as one of the greatest champions of Azeroth it is your duty to make sure they survive!


Getting Started

Right away killing any Bog lords, giants, marsh dredger, and marsh lurkers in the zone will grant you experience all the way to revered. (Exalted for the dredgers and lurkers) Running the Underbog on normal will grant experience from unfriendly all the way to exalted with about 3000 unbuffed total experience per run.

On the questing front, since you begin your journey as unfriendly you only have a couple quests to start with collecting [Mature Sport Sac] and [Bog Lord Tendrils] until friendly. Once neutral you can also collect and turn in [Glowcap] until friendly and [Fertile Spores] until exalted!

A sporeling

When friendly you will be able to also collect [Sanguine Hibiscus] from the Underbog (so don't forget to grab it while you're in there), for a turn in as well as complete the repeatable quest "Now that we're friends" where you are tasked with killing Bloodscale enemies, until exalted. 


Overall the grind is trivial, especially at high level since you will be able to gain thousands of reputation points per hour. This combined with any reputation boosts will have you exalted in no time at all.

What am I working towards?

In the end there are not a lot of rewards that will be of much use at high level. You are able to buy the [Tiny Sporebat] though, which is a cute little pet. You will also receive the achievement [The Czar of Sporeggar] and this faction is part of the group of factions needed to receive [The Diplomat] achievement.  

Tiny Sporebat


This faction gain is very simple, and can be completed pretty quickly with some free time. If you a pet collector this will be a good one, as well as helping you get closer to the "Diplomat" title if you are after that. Until next week, take care and may the light be with you!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Episode #9 Still freezing in Northrend

Get ready for some epic fishing!


Me and Pengu

Here we are in Northrend for another week, and we made some new friends while we were stuck waiting for our boat out of here. While we were stuck in the freezing weather we met this peculiar people call the Kalu'ak. These kind people took us in and helped us stay warm. They are a group of walrus like humanoids referred to as tuskarr. While we were he we helped them out and are here to report on what happened.

Typical camp

Getting Started

The Kalu'ak will typically be encountered initially in either Borean Tundra or the Howling Fjord as you adventure through those zones. From the point of first contact they will offer you many quests as well as further quests found in Dragonblight. Depending on what level your guild is, and other reputation boosting perks you may have you may be quite a long way towards to exalted by the time you finish all these quests.

Tuskarr art

After you have exhausted these quests you are left with a simple three daily quests. One is in each zone where you find the Kalu'ak. Your only path to exalted status is to complete these quests until the end, but there are some neat rewards to be had.

The natives

What am I Working Towards?

Once you are exalted you can pick up the [Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole] which increases fishing skill and allows underwater breathing. You will also be able to get the [Nurtured Penguin Egg] so you can have the cute little penguin, Pengu accompany you in your adventures.

Fishing time!


We'll be back next week with another faction for you, and hopefully we can get out of this winter weather for a bit to something more, well, not cold. Until next week, take care, and may the light be with you!


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Episode #8 A fight to the death!


Home of the ice giants

This week we head back up to the frozen peaks of Northrend to explore one of the fun factions from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. High in Storm Peaks in Dun Niffelem are the ice giants called the Sons of Hodir. This faction used to be know for holding the coveted shoulder enchants back in that day, but they still have gifts to offer for gaining reputation with them.

Getting started

The place to begin your journey with the Sons of Hodir is by heading to K3 in Storm Peaks and starting with the quest called "They took our men!" This will start you into a long quest chain what will end with you somewhere in honored. From there its up to you completing a number of daily quests, as well as turning in Relics of Ulduar (as part of a repeatable quest) which drop around Storm Peaks from enemies and are also purchasable in the auction house. There is also a repeatable quest for turning in Everfrost Chips that are found around the Sons of Hodir's home.

These guys don't mind the cold

There are a number of daily quests, my favorite being "Thrusting Hodir's Spear" where you get to fight to the death with a Wyrm. Ahh yes, all those days of dying on that quest, lol.

What am I working towards?

The shoulder enchants draw is no more for this faction, but you can still ride in style from this faction. Upon reaching exalted, you can purchase the [Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth] . You can purchase the [Reins of the Ice Mammoth] when you are revered too!

The one seater


The stat bonuses available from this faction may be long gone, but you can still collect the mounts from the Sons of Hodir and roll around Azeroth as you find more factions to gain reputation with!

Keep Prying!!

Hope you had fun in Northrend this week, we will return next week with another tip. Take care, and may the light be with you!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Episode #7 Guarding the Sky!

Monstrous Kaliri!!!! Ahh!!!


Well, I have returned home, and as promised I will be going over a rewarding faction this week. We are heading through the dark portal once again to explore the Sha'tari Skyguard! This branch of the Sha'tar has two posts of duty in outland. One in Terokkar Forest and the other in Blade's Edge Mountains. As you fight along side this group you will be helping to defend Shattrath from its enemies.


Getting Started

If you haven't started any of the quests with this faction the first interaction with them is by being recruited by Yuula near the flight master in Shattrath. This will start a quest chain that will eventually lead you to Skettis, the Arakkoa capitol. 

Start here...

There are many quests to complete as you follow the story of the skyguard, and you will also be sent to Blade's Edge Mountains to complete tasks there as well. Completing all of the quests still leaves you far short of being exalted though, and that means you have lots of work to do. By doing nothing but daily quests you will be working for around a month, give or take, to reach exalted. (Ahh, the good old days.) Daily quests involve bombing runs, escort quests, and more. There is however a much faster way to boost your reputation to exalted in a matter of hours. 

Get used to these.

Since there are no instances associated with this faction you won't simply be able to repeat a dungeon until exalted, but in the Skettis area you can farm all of the Skettis enemies and gather [Shadow Dust] for the repeatable quest to get [Elixir of Shadows] so that you can use it to see the time-lost mobs. Once you gather ten [Time-Lost Scroll] you can use those to summon one of the four mini bosses in the area. (Gezzarak, Akkarai, Karrog, or Vakkiz) Once you have killed the four of them, you can then turn their drops in to get the Time-Lost Offering. This lets you then summon Terokk and kill him.

Do you dare summon Terokk?

Repeating the steps above nets you a large amount of reputation in a short time because killing enemies to farm items itself also gives you reputation. Reports online have people reaching exalted reputation in less than a day.

What am I working towards?

Reaching exalted with the skyguard will allow you to purchase the companion pet [Nether Ray Fry] as well as five different [Riding Nether Ray] You will also receive the achievement [Flying High Over Skettis] 

Flyin' high!

You will also be doing quests in the Blade's Edge Mountains near the Ogri'la area so you can work on that reputation on the side. 


This reputation is great for mount and / or pet collectors to work on! Go spend a Saturday, or a few days and reach exalted with the skyguard and enjoy showing off you new ride! 

Look out!

Thank you all again for the support! If you have a faction you want to learn more about, post a comment! Take care until next time, look out for those monstrous kaliri, and may the light be with you!