Thursday, May 15, 2014

Episode # 17: We're insane now! Part 1


Ravenholdt Manor

Yes, we have really lost it this time! This week kicks off our series of reputation tips to help you with gaining the achievement Insane in the Membrane. Well, you will either get the achievement, or go insane trying. To reach the peak of this mountain and receive the coveted title of "The Insane" You will need to reach exalted status with Everlook, Ratchet, Ravenholdt, Booty Bay, Gadgetzan, and Darkmoon Faire, as well as gaining Honored Reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers. You might just think these are just simple old vanilla factions, well, you're right, they are simple. The problem is that they are simple, or in other words, they don't have a lot of ways to reach high reputation easily, or quickly for that matter.

You will likely end up spending lots of time here.

Our first faction in this series will be Ravenholdt, and with this faction you will see just how maddening a "simple" faction can be. This faction makes its home in the Alterac Mountains in Ravenholdt Manor. You will benefit if you play a rogue, or know one who is willing to help you, because without one you will have a very, very hard time.

Getting Started

Ok, no matter who you are you will start at 0 Neutral. Start off by heading to Arathi Highlands because you are about to kill syndicate members, a lot of them. The easiest place to find a bunch to kill is in Stromgarde Keep. You mission is to kill, and kill and kill. Rogues can pickpocket [Syndicate Emblems] to speed up their reputation gain. This will give you reputation until you get to 11999/12000 Honored, and then comes the hard part.

Yeah, this is just the start of the madness.

This is where being or having a rogue friend will help, A LOT! Because you need to start picking up [Heavy Junkbox] via pickpocketing. Yep, that is. You will turn these in to complete the quest "Junkboxes Needed" which will mean you need to get about, oh, somewhere around 1300 boxes. Most people recommend heading to Blackrock Spire to get these. Just get the boxes, turn in and that's it. Simple, right? Yep, but tedious.

What am I working towards?

Well, with this faction you are not working towards much, because they, well, don't offer anything. Though it is one step closer to being dubbed "The Insane" which is its own reward, even if you end up in a padded room.


Here we go on this crazy journey of reputations. Hope you enjoy this mini-series and if you haven't already obtained the achievement, that this will help you on your way. Work and my health took a downward turn the last few weeks as work became very busy and I was away on training, then got sick, so I am sorry for the break in the action.

We will be back next week with the next tip! Have a great week, and may the light be with you!