Monday, November 25, 2013

Episode #2 Things get serious in nagrand!

Back for our second week!


In the beautiful zone of nagrand we find two factions the Kurenai of Telaar and the Mag'har located in Garadar. Each of these factions have seperate and interesting stories, but since these two factions are so similar in rewards and reputation gain I will cover both of them this week.

The kurenai are a group of the broken who are found here in nagrand and also in a small base of operations in zangarmarsh, orebor harborage. This faction is attempting to overcome forge a new life in face of constant treats from many enemies.

The mag'har on the other hand, are a group of uncorrupted orcs who's members have played a role in many key points of history. Their notable members include the likes of Garrosh Hellscream, Jorin Deadeye, and Dranosh Saurfang.


Getting started

If you a member of the alliance you can begin to earn reputation with the kurenai by completing quests given out by its members in orebor harborage, zangarmarsh. Each quest there will net you about 500 reputation. Once you are ready or if you have completed all the quests there, you can head to Telaar. There are a multitude of quests there almost all of them giving you about 500 reputation with the end of line quests giving 700 each.

Once you have finished these quests you will have to turn to grinding to reach exalted. One of the quests you will get in Telaar is called "Fierce Enemies" in which you are asked to bring back 10 obsidian warbeads. Once you complete this, you will be able to repeat this quest with the name "More Warbeads" for 500 reputation each time. The warbeads drop from the various ogres around the zone. With a high level character  and AOE looting you are able to farm these mobs quite quickly and efficiently. As of the latest data from various sites the average drop rate of the beads is about 45%. Killing these ogres also gives 10 reputation each.

Ahh, warbeads.

With the high levels of characters now, and high speed flying these mobs can be easily farmed in a pattern of your choosing all around the zone. I typically start at one location and circle the ogre encampments around the zone.

You can also kill the the murkblood mobs in the zone as well as the kil'sorrow enemies, but because they do not offer the advantage of a drop to turn in for rep I usually bypass them.

Ogres all over this place

For the horde, your adventure begins in Thrallmar, hellfire peninsula instead. Once you complete the quests in that zone you will find the remaining quests at Garadar. As with the Kurenai you will have quite a few quests that you can complete to raise your standing. Once you run out of quests, you are in the same boat as everyone else and have to grind your reputation by killing ogres, kil'sorrow, and murkblood mobs. The horde also have the ability to run a repeatable quest to turn in warbeads after completing the quest "Proving your Strength"

Expect to kill a lot of these...

What am I working towards?

Both the Kurenai and the Mag'har reward one of the more popular land mounts in the game, talbuks. Once exalted with your respective faction you will gain access to eight variations of this awesome mount. There are also low item level blue items you could buy, and also the tabard of your respective faction as well.

After reaching exalted status you will earn the either the achievement of [Oh, my Kurenai] A or [The Mag'har of Draenor] H

Wrapping it up

Whether you are horde or alliance these reputations offer a great set of mounts to collect with a moderate amount of work made even easier now that character levels are so high as to make killing large numbers of enemies simple. This reputation can be ground in a matter of days or less depending on how much time you are willing to put in.

Me on the White War Talbuk

Thanks for listening and reading, I will be back next week with another reputation!

Until then, may the light be with you!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Episode#1: Guild Reputation

Let's get this started!


Seeing as this is the first week, I decided that there is no better place to start than your own home, your guild. Being part of a guild can be a rewarding experience both within the world of warcraft, and outside it as well! I have personally made friends all around the country and internationally thanks to being part of a guild, but within the game you can also find great rewards by raising your reputation with your guild. This can give you a chance to gain neat items, and have fun with your friends. Lets get started!

How to start?

The first part of gaining guild reputation is to be a part of a guild. If you are not already in a guild you are well on your way, if not, you likely are used to getting random guild invite spam. (At least, that's what happens to me when i'm on a character without a guild) I could go on for a long time about how to choose a guild, but seeing as this discussion is about gaining guild reputation I will leave that to you and what you are looking for in a guild. My only word of advice is join a guild you can have fun playing in.

Now that you are part of a guild, lets see where you stand. Take a look at your guild rep because you may already have reputation depending on if you have been in a guild already. When you switch guilds your reputation changes by dropping to the next lowest level. For example, if you were exalted your reputation will reset to revered, thus you will have to gain back that reputation for access to its benefits.

Rep bar on your guild UI screen.

How do I get my rep up?

Now for the fun part! Gaining reputation with your guild takes a little time, as expected, but depending on what you are doing it can be fun and easy. 

Here are the main ways you gain reputation with your guild:
  • Killing Instance and Raid bosses with a guild group.
  • Winning Arena or Rated Battleground matches with a guild group
  • Completing Green or higher quests
Note: A guild group in PvE content consists of a majority of players being from your guild. For example, four members in a five man instance. There is also a daily cap of 3,500 reputation.

The best way I have seen to gain guild reputation is to run quests. Leveling characters while seems to me to be the easiest since you are continually gaining experience and guild reputation at the same time. In some guilds it may be difficult to arrange instance or raid runs all the time slowing down your reputation gain if you rely solely on that to gain rep. By buying the [Illustrious Guild Tabard] at friendly you can boost
your reputation gain with your guild by 50%, and at honored the [Renowned Guild Tabard]
boosts gains by 100% so keep these boosts in mind. Of course being human helps thanks to
the diplomacy trait, and you can gain extra boosts from your guild having the "Mr. Popularity"
perk, as well as using the various battle standardsthat can be purchased through guild
reputation gains.

Screenshot of some of the guild rep reward screen.

What do I get for all this work?

There are many different rewards for gaining reputation with your guild. The only catch is that many of the greatest rewards also rely on other guild members because they are linked to various guild achievements. Below is a list of some of the rewards that can be earned and what is required.

  • Faction Mount, either A [Reins of the Golden King] or the H [Reins of the Kor'kron Annihilator] Requires Guild level 25.
  • Pet[Dark Phoenix Hatchling]  Requires Guild Achievement "United Nations"
  • Mount, [Reins of the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent] Requires Guild Achievement "Glory of the Pandaria Raider"
  • Pet, [Armadillo Pup] Requires Guild Achievement "Profit Sharing"
  • Various heirloom items at guild level 10 and 20.

You can see and purchase the various guild reputation items by visiting your guild vendors in most capitol cities including Shattrath and Dalaran, as well as from the guild page or herald companions if you have access to them.

Alliance guild rep mount.

Also as you gain reputation you will be able to gain the [Time Flies When You're Having Fun] achievement. You will also earn titles that go along with your guild nameplate.
  • Friendly   <Recruit of (Guild Name)>
  • Honored  <Guardian of (Guild Name)>
  • Revered   <Veteran of (Guild Name)>
  • Exalted    <Champion of (Guild Name)>
The best thing about gaining guild reputation and perks is that you and your friends can all come together and have fun building your guild at the same time you all gain your own reputation. As I said before, being part of a guild is one of the most rewarding things about playing world of warcraft. I have have great friends who I would have never met had it not been for guilds.

Having fun killing old bosses with friends.

That about wraps up this week's look into boosting your reputation. As always, have fun out there in the world of warcraft, and may the light be with you!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

New beginnings!

Welcome to the home of Reputation Boost! 

This is your home for learning about the various factions in the World of Warcraft. Each week we will highlight a different faction in the game and help you reach that all important exalted status. There are many great rewards out there to be earned, and we want to help you! More to come very soon so please stay tuned!