Sunday, March 23, 2014

Episode # 14 : This seem's a little fishy!


Their command center

Finding themselves in a new and unfamiliar land the alliance was able to gain the trust of a group of jinyu called the Pearlfin. They are bitter enemies of the Forest Hozen who aligned themselves with the horde. This is a simple reputation gain completed in a matter of a very short time as you complete quests in the Jade Forest.

Getting Started

The natural progression of quests in the Jade Forest will take you into Pearlfin Village and from there you will begin to complete tasks for this faction that will help gain their trust as well as help you complete your mission with the alliance.

Pearlfin Village

There is about 11 quests which by the time you complete them will leave you exalted with the Pearlfin. These are basic quests, no killing elites or running instances so even as you complete these quests in the normal progression of leveling you will be exalted extremely fast.

What am I working towards?

There are no notable faction rewards, though your final quest, "Let them Burn" will reward you with a blue item as well as [Fishy] the companion pet which is a neat little fish in a floating bubble.

Fish wranglin'


Super fast and easy reputation gain at the content's level or above makes this super easy to do. There is no reason to not grab this faction and add it to your list of completed reputation list.

We'll be back next week with another tip for you horde players featuring the Forest Hozen. If you have a faction you would like us to highlight, please let us know. Until then, may the light be with you!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Episode #13 : Gotta get that crane!


This week we head back to Pandaria and try to earn some of the great rewards there. We will be looking at the Golden Lotus this week. They are the guardians of the vale and even though a lot has changed there it is still a great faction to pursue!

The Vale

Getting Started

You have a few things to do to begin to work towards exalted with this faction. First is to complete the quest "Temple of the White Tiger" then "A Celestial Experience" where you till be tasked with trials to prove yourself. Next you will receive the quest "A Witness to History" where you actually get to see the gates of the vale opened.

Other than these quests the next work to do is begin to work on the various daily quests that are handed out at the Setting Sun Garrison. There are a handful quest givers there that will help you out every day.

Be sure that you have elected to champion for the Golden Lotus as well so that so that doing random scenarios and dungeons will reward bonus experience for you as well.

Golden Lotus Reps in the Alliance City

Inside the vale various enemies in the zone will reward differing amounts of experience depending on how powerful they are. In theory you could just kill your way to exalted if you wanted to.

What am I working towards

There are great rewards and achievements that come with exalted status, but many are offered to those with neutral standing now. This means that one of the only reasons left to work all the way to exalted is to get the [Reins of the Azure Riding Crane] , [Reins of the Golden Riding Crane] , or [Reins of the Regal Riding Crane] . You will also be able to purchase the [Golden Lotus Tabard] . You also gain the achievement [The Golden Lotus] for reaching exalted.

Quartermaster View


While there are not that many things to work for at this time, the riding cranes are beautiful mounts worth the effort in my opinion. We will be back next week, and remember if you would like us to highlight a specific faction let us know! Have a great week and may the light be with you!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Slight Delay...

Trolls got into some of our systems, but the newest episode will be posted asap. Sorry for the delay.