Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Episode # 22: You are ninja!


The Shado-Pan are the elite force of pandaria watching over the lands, and keeping it safe from the many threats that surround them. They find themselves in a struggle not only in their effort to regain control over the sha threat, but also the saurok and mantid. If you prove yourself worthy, they will allow you to gain some of the best rewards there are.

Shado-Pan camp
Getting Started

You will encounter members of this faction in various places in pandaria, but no matter what happens, you will eventually wind up working with them from their base of operations in Townlong Steppes. The mode of reputation gain is through sets of daily quests that you will receive at random.

Get used to killing these guys...

Their are three main sets of quests that you may get each time you visit. Each will have a set of quests that will have you killing enemies, collecting items, or sometimes freeing cloud serpent babies.

Each quest rewards 250 base reputation, and you will get four at a time. Once you finish them, you will then get a fifth "boss" quest where you kill a named enemy. That quest will reward you with 350 base reputation.

Uruk, one of the daily "bosses"

With that in mind, be sure to have any reputation boosts active that you can, and if you are human, consider yourself lucky. One note is when you reach revered you can buy the [Grand Commendation of the Shado-Pan] to unlock 100% reputation gain boost. Keep on questing each day, and eventually you will reach the top of the hill and become exalted. Once you are, you will gain the achievement

What am I working towards?

The Shado-Pan have a really great set of rewards to offer those who build up their reputation with them. Some of these are just plain fun things, and some are great mounts! At honored you can buy some martial arts toys like [Stack of Bamboo] or [Stack of Wooden Boards]. They are pretty fun to play around with.


There are mainly enchants at revered, so let us jump to the exalted rewards. When you are at the top of the climb you can buy the [Replica Shado-Pan Helmet]. That is a really great looking hat and bandana combo. There are also three fantastic tiger mounts; [Reins of the Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger], [Reins of the Green Shado-Pan Riding Tiger], and the [Reins of the Red Shado-Pan Riding Tiger].

Spolier: This is where the "Surprise Attack" happens.

You will also be given the quests "Mogu Incursions" then "Surprise Attack" once exalted. When you complete these quests you will be given the [Reins of the Onyx Cloud Serpent]. Another final note is that while doing the quests each day, you can complete a set of achievements that will reward you with the achievement [The Shado-Master] which also grants the "Shado-Master" title. Go check out the achievement in game and maximize your time and fun by getting everything done!

Some of the followers that you can choose to come with you each day.


The Shado-Pan will take a little time to become exalted with, but above level 90, the content is trivial, and the rewards for finishing up this faction are great! While we are in the downtime between major patches head back to pandaria and finish this off!

One of the quest areas.

See you back here next week with another tip! If you have a faction you would like me to spotlight, leave me a comment. Take care, and may the light be with you!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Episode # 21: Welcome to the Outcasts!


The Arakkoa Outcasts are just as their name implies. They are a collection of Arakkoa who have been exiled from the Spires. Unlike the others, their bodies are twisted and hunched over. Their deformations a burden of their past that marks them forevermore. Now is your chance to befriend them. Gaining their favor will earn you some neat rewards. Lets go!

Arakkoa Shrine

Getting Started

During your time leveling, or just questing in general, you will encounter various quests that award reputation with this group. If you continue you to complete all of the quests through the Spires of Arak you should find yourself somewhere near revered with them.

Once you have exhausted all of the available quests you are left with only a few more options to finish this off. You can head to either Skettis or Lost Veil Anzu, and once there you can kill the various level 100 enemies. The will grant you experience slowly. Many have reported having to kill somewhere in the range of 5,000 enemies on average.

Where you can find the enemies to kill

Secondly, you may sometimes encounter the garrison mission "The Bloodmane Scrolls" which rewards you with a [Relic of Rukhmar] upon successful completion. Using this item will grant you 2,500 base reputation, so if you can stack reputation boosts, and consider yourself lucky if you are a human character.

What am I working towards?

There are some neat rewards that you can earn on the path to outcast exaltation. Some of the prominent awards are the [Arakkoa Elixir] which grants a chance to deal fire damage and increases movement speed in the Spires of Arak. At honored there is also the [Saberon Protector] which can summon a saberon to fight with you. This will set you back 500 gold.

Rep Vendors

Revered status give you the ability to purchase the [Wings of the Outcasts] for 2,000 gold and allows for slow fall. You can also grab the [Son of Sethe] , a battle pet for 1,000 gold, and 2,000 apexis crystals.

The are here in Stormshield (Alliance) Warspear for the Horde

Finally, once exalted, you can drop 5,000 gold and an equal number of apexis crystals for the [Shadowmane Charger] mount, a sweet, dark blue talbuk.

In addition to the direct reputation gains, completing the quests in the Spires of Arak will eventually help you get the achievement [Between Arak and a Hard Place] which rewards you with the follower [Talonpriest Ishaal] , one of my personal favorites!


So there you go! Another faction down one the path to becoming the most reputable hero in the history of azeroth! Get out there and finish those quests, kill those mobs, and stock up on apexis crystals if you aren't already and finish off this rewarding faction!

I have returned! 

Hope you have enjoyed the return of Reputation Boost! I will be back every week with another faction for you as long as time allows. Once law school returns this fall I will let you know what will happen, but until then, lets get out there and make friends with as many as we can!