Thursday, December 26, 2013

Episode #5 Merry Christmas!

Putting it all together!


This week we finish our cenarion trip with a stop in moonglade, the home of the cenarion circle faction. This collection of druids banded together to help azeroth, and have spread all over the planet. There are many ways to gain reputation with the cenarion circle, and if you are a high level character its easier than ever. 


Getting Started

Well, to let you know, as of patch 2.2.0 reputation gain for this faction was increased significantly. This means it will be much easier to gain rep when you set off for exalted status. There are not too many ways to gain reputation with the cenarion circle outside of killing enemies, quests, repeatable quests, and running Ahn'Qiraj raids. If you are a high level player you can actually set off killing twilight hammer cultists in silithus and turn in the encrypted twilight texts for reputation, and be exalted in a matter of just a few hours.

The wastes of Silithus

Other ways to gain exalted status is to run the raids of Ahn'Qiraj. These take some time, but if you don't mind grinding rep in there you can get some really nice transmog gear as well as you also gain reputation with the Brood of Nozdormu at the same time.

AQ Raid Entrance

What am I working for?

Becoming exalted with the Cenarion Circle and the Cenarion Expedition we highlighted last week will earn you the achievement for becoming exalted, and the title "Guardian of Cenarius" There is also some really neat items available for transmog if you choose to run the Ahn'Qiraj raids. 


Final thoughts

This is the end of our two part Cenarion overview. Hopefully you are enjoying your new title, and flying around in style on your shiny new hippogryph. I hope that you are enjoying your holiday season. Whether they are in our out of azeroth spend it with friends and family and good food. Until next week, this is Frostee, and may the light be with you!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Episode #4 Let's go on an expedition!

To Zangarmarsh!


This week we take a look at one of the factions that gives a reward that will have you zooming around in style. I am talking about the one and only Cenarion Expedition. Spawned from the Cenarion Circle, this group spread across outland and even into northrend. This faction has a large amount of quests, and lots of ways to gain reputation.

You will get to know this place well

Getting started

Once you begin questing in outland you will encounter this faction as early as hellfire peninsula. They are in other areas of outland as well, but the majority of quests for reputation gain will center around zangarmarsh. From here you will be able to complete many quests for reputation. You can also begin to complete repeatable quests of turning in ten [Unidentified Plant Parts] until honored, and also each [Uncatalogued Species] you find. In borean tundra you can also turn in 15 [Nesingwary Lackey Ear] at the D.E.H.T.A camp. The last turn in is good all the way until exalted.

Cenarion Refuge

Besides questing and turn-ins you can run the various instances of zangarmarsh. The normal slave pens and underbog will provide reputation up to honored, and normal steamvault all the way to exalted. The heroic versions of all of the instances will provide reputation all the way as well.

As a high level character you can run the heroics and easily continue to repeat normal versions of the dungeons until exalted. Until patch 4.3 you used to be able to buy or farm [Coilfang Armaments] and turn them in for extra reputation, but that is no longer.

What am I working for?

Quartermaster preview

First and foremost the best reward for reaching exalted status is being able to buy the [Cenarion War Hippogryph]  This mount is one of my personal favorites. Besides the mount you also complete half of the achievement [Guardian of Cenarius] which when obtained gives the title of "Guardian of Cenarius" for your character.

Riding in style

Wrapping it up

If you are a high level character this reputation grind is somewhat repetitive after a while, but very rewarding with a great mount and progress towards a slick title. Next week we will be taking a look at the Cenarion Circle faction so we can help you get your title and achievement! Until then, take care, and may the light be with you!


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Monday, December 9, 2013

Episode #3: Out in the sands.

Heading out into the barren wastes.


I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday week. Now I know that many of you here in the USA have spent the last few days likely freezing and some of you snowed in like me. Because of this I wanted to highlight a reputation that might invoke some warm feelings. This week we take a look at the Ramkahen faction. This cataclysm faction is located in the zone of Uldum. Gaining reputation with this faction will require some patience, but there are some pretty fun and unique quests along the way as well.

Faction Capitol

Getting Started

Once you make it to Uldum, you get to go through a fun quest line as an introduction to the zone. Once you arrive in the city there a many quests to be done. In cataclysm I think that these were some of the funnest quests in the game. There are quests where you get to play an almost RTS minigame, as well as running around with everyone's favorite adventurer Harrison Jones.

Questing will only take you so far though. (Usually somewhere into honored depending on guild perks, racial bonuses etc..) After you have run out of quests to run you have the option to run two daily quests. ("Thieving Little Pluckers" and "Fire From the Sky") Only using these two quests could take a while, but you have more options.

Go ahead and purchase the Ramkahen tabard so that you can champion for reputation while running level 85 dungeons, or any of the cataclysm heroics. This will speed up your rep gain, especially if you are going back as a level 90 to gain exalted status.

A very scenic zone

What can I expect as a reward?

Once you reach exalted status with Ramkahen you will earn the faction achievement. The most sought after awards now are the unique mounts. (The [Reins of the Brown Riding Camel] and [Reins of the Tan Riding Camel] )

Want one of these as a mount?

Wrapping it up

Grinding the reputation for this faction is fairly straightforward, but it also offers unique mounts that are highly sought after, especially if you are a mount collector. Don't ignore the quests though, because there are some different and fun ones here.

That is it for this week, we will be back next week with another faction. If you have a faction you would like us to highlight, please let us know! Thanks for reading and listening! Have a great week, and may the light be with you!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to say that I hope you had a great holiday. Due to getting our new podcast (The Worgen's Howl) off the ground and the holiday, we will be returning next week with another tip! Thanks for all your support!