Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Episode # 26: Ebon Blade Adventure!

Welcome Back!

Inside the Shadow Vault

This week we take continue on the track of completing the [Northrend Vanguard] achievement by exploring the Knights of the Ebon Blade. This faction of death knights parted ways with the Lich King and now help new death knights, as well as offer rewards for helping them.

Getting Started

The Ebon Blade has their main headquarters in Acherus, and new death knight players, once they complete the starting zone, will have an advantage of starting at friendly. All other players will start on the path to being exalted at neutral.

Ebon Watch

Generally you will encounter, and receive quests from this faction when you encounter them at Ebon Watch, in Zul'Drak, or in Icecrown at the Shadow Vault.

Other than doing the quests that you are given, the only real way to reach exalted status is to grind by doing daily quests that you can get (three at the Shadow Vault, and three at Death's Rise) for 325 base reputation each. Lastly, you will find that buying the [Tabard of the Ebon Blade] and championing for this faction will be only alternative to building up reputation.

What am I working towards?

Many rewards are now trivial, but reaching exalted status will allow you to complete another part of the [Northrend Vanguard] achievement. You will also receive the achievement for reaching exalted.

The Quartermaster

You may also enjoy the gear for some transmog set, or the jewelcrafting recipe, [Design: Glowing Twilight Opal].


This faction will get you even closer to the meta achievement, as well as be another notch in your belt as you become the most revered hero Azeroth as even known!

See you back here next week with another tip! If you have a faction you would like me to spotlight, leave me a comment. Take care, and may the light be with you!


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