Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Episode # 27: Kirin Touring!


This week take one more step closer to completing the [Northrend Vanguard] achievement by exploring the faction of the Kirin Tor. They are composed of some of the most powerful magic wielders of Azeroth. Their base of operations is the floating city of Dalaran, high above Northrend.


Getting Started

The typical ways to start out gaining reputation with this faction is when you are leveling. You will encounter quests from them in Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, and Coldarra. Besides these quests, you will have two paths to becoming exalted.

Mages in Borean Tundra

First, you can start by buying the [Tabard of the Kirin Tor] and championing for this faction in Wrath dungeons. Second, there are a number of daily quests in Dalaran for Cooking, Jewelcrafting, Fishing, and more. These can give you a boost if you don't feel like doing old content. With this faction, Mages are the lucky ones who start as friendly with this faction.

What am I working towards?

Many rewards are now trivial, but reaching exalted status will allow you to complete yet another step of the [Northrend Vanguard] meta achievement. You will also receive the achievement for reaching exalted status as well.

Keeping the shield up

You may also enjoy the gear for some transmog set, or the jewelcrafting recipe, [Design: Runed Scarlet Ruby], or [Pattern: Sapphire Spellthread].


One more faction to go until we finish the Northrend Vanguard series! How close are you?

See you back here next week with another tip! If you have a faction you would like me to spotlight, leave me a comment. Take care, and may the light be with you!


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